"Everything is difficult before it is easy"

Welcome to my ICT blog. This blog was designed for my ICT4ELT courses thanks to the BAW 2011 course I attended. Follow what I learned and choose to learn things you like most. And do not worry, progress is gained step by step. And remember, it never hurts to ask.

February 7, 2011


I learnt how to upload videos to my blog.

I learnt so much more - how to upload gadgets like this flag counter, time, and much more. All that is done through Design, Add Gadget, HTML/Java Script and pasting in the embedding code received from flag counter or the clock. To get these codes, you just click on the pictures in my blog and follow the instructions.


  1. Hi!!! GREAT!!! I love your clock!!! It seems refreshing! :)
    I'm very proud of my webhead colleague!!! Lots of smiles for you!!
    BTW... I've already installed Hot Potatoes but I have millions of doubts... can you help?
    Take care and thumbs up!! Maria :)

  2. Hi Svetlana, I see we had similar problems adding gadgets. I am proud of you and of myself too. I have also add flag counter,clock, Blogs I follow but there are still million things we can learn! I think, you, MariaBossa and I will soon be great Webheads! :)))