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June 16, 2011


Here is a message I got from my colleague, an Egyptian teacher. Their wiki is an excellent project, you can visit it here: http://azharstudents.wikispaces.com/Home

I'm Azhar Youssef, an Egyptian teacher. I teach secondary school students. As a result of what happened in Egypt recently, my students have decided to create a wiki inviting tourists to come back to Egypt. Every one of them has created a page in our wiki and wrote about a certain topic.

My students invite you to visit our wiki. You can leave comments or ask questions. You can ask them to write articles about anything you would like to know more about it.

We need your students to participate in this wiki asking questions, leaving comments or giving opinions.

We are waiting for your collaboration!


  1. Hava checked the wiki, after seen the post on Twitter, it looks amazing,clap, clap for students' passion on presenting their country in new better light.

  2. Dear Svetlana,
    Thanks so much for your great efforts. Really, I appreciate your help.

    I hope to collaborate with you in an inernational project.

    See you!