"Everything is difficult before it is easy"

Welcome to my ICT blog. This blog was designed for my ICT4ELT courses thanks to the BAW 2011 course I attended. Follow what I learned and choose to learn things you like most. And do not worry, progress is gained step by step. And remember, it never hurts to ask.

February 22, 2011


It is high time to write about wikis, I have been experimenting a lot with them lately. Still, it is work in progress, not yet finished.
I have created two wikis in different systems as examples of what can be done with wikis.
I personally prefer wikispaces as they are so user friendly, straightforward, and last but not least, you can create as many wikis as you want for free.
PB works are a bit more complex. On the other hand, they offer a nice tutorial and enable to create folders of document, not just files. So for instance Hot Potatoes can be saved in both, yet if you want to upload HP exercises with pictures, PB works are much more suitable for that.
But everybody must decide what suits them best.
Here is my wiki created in wikispaces
And here is my wiki created in PB works

February 7, 2011

More about blogs

Now here are some interesting blogs to explore.
Mbarek advised the first one, it teaches us how to work with blogs, all the little tricks.

And here are two phenomenal blogs made by Claudio Azevedo on using film extracts to teach grammar. We had two online sessions with him where he showed us how he teaches with these extracts and allowed us to disseminate all that, you can even download whatever he produced. So enjoy and use it well when teaching.

As for web technology blogs, I have been reading Nik Peachey's blog

Then there are many blogs of my friends and colleagues from the course, here is a sample:


I learnt how to upload videos to my blog.

I learnt so much more - how to upload gadgets like this flag counter, time, and much more. All that is done through Design, Add Gadget, HTML/Java Script and pasting in the embedding code received from flag counter or the clock. To get these codes, you just click on the pictures in my blog and follow the instructions.