"Everything is difficult before it is easy"

Welcome to my ICT blog. This blog was designed for my ICT4ELT courses thanks to the BAW 2011 course I attended. Follow what I learned and choose to learn things you like most. And do not worry, progress is gained step by step. And remember, it never hurts to ask.

Podcasting 2013


I am attending an online EVO2013 course on Podcasting. Very inspiring, motivating atmosphere and lots of interesting tasks.

Here is the reading for week 2

Graham Stanley on Podcasting 

Oh my, written already in 2006 and I have not used many of these tools he mentions yet. A very dense article full of useful info and guidance on what to do and how and mainly why. Will have to go back to it and study it again. Especially the bit about juice and RSS.

4 types of podcasts from 2009

The new info for me here were the enhanced podcasts - basically a slideshow with voice-over, if I understand it well. This may be something I could use for lectures, we'll see after I try it out. Aha, problem, they do not play with WMP. Will have a look at iTunes. And Screencasts. Interesting, I have heard about them, have not had time to explore them yet.

Podcasting - Academic Tip Sheet

Having read Graham Stanley's article, I can consider this just a small summary. They mention Jing, which I have used already, a nice tool, but limited space in the free version. They speak a lot about iTunes, taking for granted that everybody knows them. Well, I know the name, yet do not have a slightest idea if I can install them on my computer, if it is free software, etc. Will have to look into it. Stanley mentions iTunes only with Apple, this article constantly mentions iPod only, which is I believe Apple as well. So what about Windows?

Make your first podcast

Some info about how to save Audacity files in MP3, related to what was recorded - 
  • 48 - 56k Mono - sermons, audio books, talk radio
  • 64k+ Stereo - music, music & talk combinations
  • 128k Stereo - good quality music

Three Audacity tips to enhance your recording

Right, so I should probably start here. It looks like a tutorial, so I will have it open and will start my recording.

How to create your own podcast

Nothing interesting here but an interesting link
Sadly, I have tried searching for podcasts there and it does not seem to work.

And one more about creating pupil radio dramas. 
Well, not sure, do not find this one useful.

And here is what I learnt.
Audacity recording processed through Podbean.

I have just learnt how to create podcasts in Podomatic.


  1. I like your blog. It looks like we both have a started a blog as part of a course.

  2. Right you are. I started it in BAW 2011 and then became moderator there.